2017 Budget Winners and Losers

President Obama’s final budget request is an exercise in optimism or fantasy, depending on your political viewpoint. The Republican chairmen of the House and Senate Budget Committees aren’t even pretending to take it seriously. They said they wouldn’t invite White House Budget Director Shaun Donovan to testify on the proposal, a snub that’s not occurred since 1974, according to Stan Collender, Executive Vice President and National Director of Financial Communications for Qorvis/MSLGROUP.

While the bulk of the $4.1 trillion budget will pay for entitlement programs, it includes $1.2 trillion in discretionary funding, split between domestic and military programs. Most agencies would see relatively small gains or losses in funding, but a few would see sharp declines over 2016 spending levels, including the Army Corps of Engineers (-30%), the Transportation Department (-19%), the Health and Human Services Department (-9%), NASA (-6%) and the Small Business Administration (-6%).

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