Report to Congress Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Industries Capabilities

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense
for Acquisition and Sustainment
Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
for Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy
March 2018

NDIA Top Line Summary of the 2018 Defense Industrial Base Study

The Defense Department has just released a study on the health and resiliency of the defense industrial base. As directed in Executive Order 13806, signed July of 2017, the report directed the Secretary of Defense to conduct a
government-wide examination of risks, impacts and proposed recommendations to ensure a healthy manufacturing
and industrial base.

5 critical mistakes small business contractors should avoid

Ready to jump into the $450 billion government contracting space? Don’t make these key mistakes.

It’s no secret that the U.S. government is one of the largest buyers and sellers of goods and services in the world, leading to tremendous opportunity for companies that earn federal contracts. If you are a small business or startup you are in luck as the government sets aside contract requirements in favor of small and socio-economic enterprises. For example, in 2017 the government awarded 24 percent of federal contract dollars to small businesses totaling $105.7 billion.

With the right amount of planning, preparation and effective networking, small businesses can thrive in the federal contracting space, but there are some major mistakes or red flags to avoid.

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