Pentagon planning new steps to shore up smaller suppliers’ cybersecurity

The Defense Department said it’s considering new steps intended to help its lower-tier suppliers tighten the cybersecurity of their IT systems, and may begin a new regime of spot checks to ensure they’re meeting security regulations that now apply to defense vendors and many of their subcontractors.

The options under consideration came from a new Pentagon task force that’s re-examining the department’s contractual relationships with suppliers. Those may need to change in order to better respond to data breach or ex-filtration incidents, said Dana Deasey, the DoD chief information officer.

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Here are Concrete Steps for Contractors to Mitigate Shutdown Effects

Now that we are nearing the second week of a partial government shutdown with no end in sight, contractors should take several steps to ensure as little disruption to their businesses as possible, industry groups say.

Among other things, according to the Professional Services Council, contractors should assemble a team of employees to ensure compliance with shutdown rules, identify current contracts that are executable during the shutdown and the revenue implications of those that are not, and determine what contract modifications can be made to help make up lost revenue.

The Coalition for Government Procurement points out that during a government shutdown, no additional funds are made available for new or existing contracts.

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