FAR Limitations on Subcontracting Updated

On August 10, the Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council issued a final rule revising the Federal Acquisition Regulations relating to the limitations on prime contractors’ ability to subcontract on small business set-aside contracts. Click HERE to read more.

WisDot Business Development Program

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms using contracted professional experts who act as coaches and mentors to DBEs in either transitional or developmental stages of their business growth. The purpose of this program element is to further the development of DBEs, including but not limited to assisting them to move into non-traditional areas of work and/or compete in the marketplace outside the DBE program. Click HERE to read more.

Defense Industry Waits on Costly Trump-Era Cyber Rule Update

The defense industry is waiting for the Biden administration to release its review of the Trump-era Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification requirement, a requirement which some companies and industry groups say will cost the industry billions more than initially estimated. One study has suggested that compliances costs could drive one in four suppliers to stop doing business with the DoD and especially damage the DoD’s ability to work with small innovators. Click HERE to read more.

Negotiating Material Escalation Clauses

Escalation clauses shift the risk of volatile material prices from the supplier to an upstream party with whom the supplier contracts. Escalation contracts are becoming increasingly more common with the current volatility among some material goods. Negotiating them well is important to protecting your business. Click HERE to read more.

Energy Policies to Impact Defense Contractors

President Joe Biden’s “Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad” put climate at the “center of United States foreign policy and national security” and aspires toward a “carbon pollution-free electricity sector no later than 2035.” Facilitating the use of “clean and zero-emission vehicles” for government fleets is part of the executive order, and building the charging infrastructure will be a massive undertaking.

The impact on federal contractors will most likely be on how they get their energy supply. Click here to read more.