DoD Promotes Additive Manufacturing (AM), Known as 3D Printing, through New Policies, Collaboration

As 3D printing costs decreases and technology advances, DoD is increasingly taking advantage of this technology to produce such things as spare parts for aircraft and weapons systems. With these advancements in mind, the DoD published the Department of Defense Additive Manufacturing Strategy in January 2021. The strategy sets a common AM vision and lays out five strategic AM goals. Click here to read more.

NSA Releases Security Guidance for DoD, Contractors on Public Networks

The National Security Agency today released a set of best practices for using public networks, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Near Field Communications. The guidance is specifically aimed at those who work with national security, Defense Department, and defense industrial base data, devices, and systems, but the advice can be adopted by any sensible user. Click here to read more.