311 app works across jurisdictions

A new mobile app lets users lodge complaints or submit service requests to local governments — even as they move across municipalities.

The main feature of Public Service Request’s app, released March 30, is multijurisdiction functionality. It means that as people travel from city to city, county to county and state to state, they can use the same app to contact multiple government organizations — as long as those governments are customers of PSR’s customer relationship management and work management system.

“If I’m in Madison, [Wis.], it knows I’m in Madison,” PSR Managing Partner Dave Robbins said. “If Madison wants it to be branded, then the app’s going to have Madison branding – whatever colors, their Madison logo or seal. … If I drive or I walk into [the city of] Fitchburg, that changes to Fitchburg. If I walk out of Fitchburg and I’m not in city limits and I’m in the county, it will change to the county.”

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