Attention All Schedule Holders

In April 2019, the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) is planning to refresh all GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) solicitations and issue a mass modification to existing contracts which will:

  • Update proposal instructions to require order status on GSA Advantage! Orders;
  • Update proposal instructions related to Section 508 Standards and information;
  • Incorporate new Service Contract Act (SCA) Wage Determinations;
  • Update AbilityOne “Essentially the Same” Proposal Instructions; and
  • Incorporate minor updates from FAC 2019-01as applicable.

Note: Individual schedules may update additional clauses or provisions to make clarifications, administrative corrections, and other required changes.

GSA FAS will issue a bilateral modification to apply the changes to existing MAS contracts. Contractors will have 90 days to accept the mass modification.

Please see: Draft Significant Changes document for more detailed information on the upcoming refresh.