Carter: DOD no longer drives innovation

Among the things the U.S. military has to adapt to in a changing world is the fact that it’s no longer the wellspring of technological innovation, according to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.

“When I began my career, most technology of consequence originated in America, and much of that was sponsored by the government, especially the Defense Department. Today, much more technology is commercial,” he said during remarks at George Washington University this week. “And as many of you know, the competition is global. Lots of other countries are trying to catch up with our advances, the ones we’ve enjoyed for decades in areas like stealth, and cyber and space.”

Carter noted how the military drove technological innovations forward in the past, with such projects as the Internet, the Global Positioning System, spaceflight and the jet engine. But now, the military must adapt to the changing landscape of the commercial technology sector. Most importantly, it must attract the brightest and most capable people as well as effectively partner with industry.

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