Carter spotlights cyber, tech priorities in 2017 budget

“Taking the long view” as the Defense Department undergoes a broad strategic rebalance to confront an array of challenges, Defense Secretary Ash Carter emphasized the technological edge as a major theme in the fiscal 2017 budget and accompanying strategy.

Speaking in Washington Feb. 2, Carter gave a preview of the forthcoming $583 billion Pentagon budget, noting that in “a new strategic era” the budget must reflect competing military priorities and operations, current and future.

“Today’s security environment is dramatically different than the one we’ve been engaged with for the last 25 years, and it requires new ways of thinking and new ways of acting,” Carter said. “We know we’ll have to deal with them across all domains—and not just the usual air, land and sea, but also particularly in the areas of cyber, space and electronic warfare, where our reliance on technology has given us great strengths but also led to vulnerabilities that adversaries are eager to exploit.”

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