Carter Unveils New Cyber Defense Roadmap

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is positioning the military to assume a key role in combating potentially devastating cyber attacks against the United States. Cyber threats are “one of the world’s most complex challenges today,” Carter said April 23 during a lecture at Stanford University titled “Rewiring the Pentagon: Charting a New Path on Innovation and Cybersecurity.”

The cyber threat against U.S. interests is “increasing in severity and sophistication,” said Carter. “And it comes from state and non-state actors alike. Just as Russia and China have advanced cyber capabilities and strategies ranging from stealthy network penetration to intellectual property theft, criminal and terrorist networks are also increasing their cyber operations. Low-cost and global proliferation of malware have lowered barriers to entry and made it easier for smaller malicious actors to strike in cyberspace.”

Carter’s plan for combating these threats is articulated in the Pentagon’s new cyber strategy, which he chose to release in front of a premier audience of technologists attending Stanford University’s prestigious Drell Lecture on public policy.

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