Comcentia is an information technology consulting firm established in 2006. We provide end-to-end software solutions, helping clients to increase their success rate in new software development, setup, and configuration of new enterprise software solutions like Infor ERP, Microsoft dynamics and Enterprise Assets Management solutions. We also provide ongoing support for new and existing software both on premises and on the cloud.

We also assist our clients to ease the pain of new enterprise solutions adoption with user training, change management, and end user training document development. For customers that want to manage their own solution implementation, we provide supplemental technical staff.

Comcentia is a State of Wisconsin MBE, DBE and 8(a) certified business and a Microsoft Partner, and Infor Alliance Partner.

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Tell us how you came to work with WPI?
Our experience started when I registered to attend a seminar on doing business with the federal government. At the time we have been doing a lot of work at the state and local government levels and wanted to learn more about the opportunities available on the federal market. The course was an eye-opening experience for me and was so well taught that we decided to expand into the federal market. So, my team and I attended additional training to better prepare us for success in the federal market. We took classes on how to use the FedBizOpps, now website to search for opportunities, how to respond to federal solicitations and certification classes including the 8(a)-certification training and other federal acquisition trainings.

How did WPI assist your business?
In one of the training we attended, I met with Aina Vilumsons, and subsequently scheduled a one on one with her, she advised that we should consider the 8(a) certifications, and that we should wait until such a time when we have the capacity to really be effective in the federal and told me we can reach out to her if we needed any help. So of course, I took her up on her offer on a complicated solicitation we were working on. Not only did she walk us through how to respond to the RFP, but she also read through our entire submittal, to ensure full compliance and provided detailed feedback. I have been going to her ever since for everything relating to federal acquisition.

When we needed advice on how to structure our offer to the government for a software sale, she spent a lot of time with me going through all the far rule relating to commercial software and licensing. We were eventually able to provide this software to the government in a fashion that was satisfactory to our contracting office while maintaining our intellectual property.

What has been the result of this collaboration?
With WPI help, we have expanded our presence on the federal market and now target 60% federal opportunity in our portfolio. And last year we secured a JV for the 8(a) Stars III. Not only has our collaboration helped us on the federal side. WPI has always and continues to look out for our best interest. She would often refer us for opportunities and connect me with other federal folks that we can collaborate with. In one instance she suggested our name to the Green Bay Packers Mentor Protégé program which led to our being selected by Northwestern Mutual Life as a mentee. This ongoing mentor protégé program has help us address our current biggest challenge; growing from a sub-contractor to prime.

How would other businesses like yours benefit from working with WPI?
Just talk to WPI and it would simply be the beginning of a long journey of growth and success in the federal market. WPI not only help us succeed in the federal market but WPI, is constantly looking for way to help us grow our business across the entire spectrum of challenge I face as a small business owner! Knowing someone is always there to call upon when I have complex business challenge and they will spend all the time needed as though my business is the only thing that matter, is a good feeling.