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The following are websites that provide information related to cyber and business security. Each offers a daily email feed with current information and stories. If these sites are forwarding this information, it can be viewed as news worth taking a glance at.

Often, just by glancing at the headline, it is easy to determine whether the topic may apply to your business or may be of interest. For those stories that are of interest, click the link and dive in.

Some information is worth a quick glance and other information is worth saving. Microsoft’s One Note is a tool that can greatly simplify the process of saving and later finding articles of interest. One Note allows the user to create Named Sections – think of these as file folder. Just as a file folder can store multiple pieces of information – pages, pictures or documents so can a OneNote Section. This allows the user to establish a dynamic filing system. When needed, new sections can be added, exported as a OneNote file, Merged, Copied or Deleted. OneNote provides significant flexibility.

The OneNote feature that greatly eases capturing and retrieving web-based information is that when any text is copied from a webpage, OneNote also copies the URL. Having the text information directly associated with URL make the information much more usable.

For those who are interested in staying current with Cyber issues, the following sites may be a perfect starting point.

OODA Loop –

The OODA Daily Pulse Report provides a detailed summary of the top cybersecurity, technology, and global risk stories of the day.  This report is provided for free, but we would encourage you to join the OODA Network to support the production of this report and to participate in all other member-only programs.

This daily news summary report has been prepared for over 20 consecutive years and over 100,000 archived stories are available via the OODA Loop website.

SecurityWeek Cybersecurity News, Insights and Analysis

The SecurityWeek Email Briefing will keep you informed on the latest threats, trends, and technology, along with what’s happening in the industry and insightful columns from industry experts.


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