Defense Spending by State – Fiscal Year 2018

The Defense Department and the National Governors Association are teaming up to find ways to strengthen the defense industrial base while also beefing up economic benefits for states and territories. The two-year program stems from a 2018 study by OEA, which looks at DoD contract obligations and payroll spending in each state. It totaled $500 billion, averaging more than $1,500 per capita. “Governors said, ‘This is great. We love this data. But now, how do we put this into action? What do we do with this? And how can we better support our defense communities and supply chains?’” Amanda Winters, program director at NGA told Federal News Network. “We were able to jump in with OEA and create that could focus on the ways in which governors can utilize data and resources to strengthen the state and federal connection as we work together to support defense communities and installation.” DOCUMENTS