DoD Seeking Information for Public-Private Microelectronic Commons

The Department of Defense issued a federal register notice requesting information from academia, startups, small businesses, government labs, and domestic semiconductor manufacturers in pursuit of a public-private partnership that will create regional hubs of microelectronics innovation. his Microelectronics Commons idea, envisioned by an Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering-led cross functional team, aims to:

  • Create “Lab-to-Fab” testing/prototyping hubs to build a network focused on maturing microelectronics technologies
  • Provide broad access to these prototyping hubs, potentially through augmented academic facilities (i.e. a local semiconductor company or a Federally Funded Research and Development Center)
  • Facilitate microelectronics education and training of students at local colleges and universities, and provide a potential pipeline for an engineering workforce to bolster the local semiconductor economy

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