How do I market my business to the government?


It is important for businesses to have their marketing materials updated and specifically designed for their Federal Market Customer. Business cards, capability statements, websites, and marketing pitches should all be customized to the federal government even if you are selling the same goods and services to the government.

Things to consider:

Target the Market – Are you meeting with the government agency, a prime contractor, or potential partner?

Who are you meeting with – Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO), potential partner, government end user, government contracting officer?

Prepare Marketing Materials – Capabilities Statement, website, business cards, and pitch.

Focus on what you can offer, not your small business certifications. Realize the government knows that no business can provide them with everything they need, so never imply that you can do it all.

Locate and attend area Industry Days for the agency you want to market to. This is a great way to introduce your business to an agency. Make sure to bring your government business cards and copies of your capabilities statement.