February 15th is the Deadline to Get 2015 Health Coverage

It’s time to get covered for 2015. The final Open Enrollment deadline to sign up for 2015 coverage is Feb. 15. If people miss that deadline, they will likely have to wait to sign up for coverage until the next open enrollment season, with coverage starting in 2016.

As we near the deadline for Open Enrollment for individuals, SBA is encouraging entrepreneurs who do not have a employer-sponsored health coverage to join the millions of Americans who have already gotten affordable, high quality health coverage through the Marketplace and get covered today. Small business owners who want to purchase coverage for their employees through the SHOP Marketplace can continue to enroll beyond the February 15 deadline since enrollment in SHOP is year-round. Both the individual and SHOP Marketplaces can be found at HeathCare.gov.

Get 2015 Health Coverage Now: Visit HealthCare.gov Today