Federal Contract Spending Shows Signs of a Possible Rebound

Agency spending on top contractors dipped by 2 percent in fiscal 2015, its smallest annual decline in four years, according to the 2016 Federal Scorecard released April 15 by the Arlington, Va.-based business data intelligence firm Govini.

The fact that half of all agencies—notably the Navy—boosted contract spending is a sign of a “rebound, or spending stabilization, as agency funding solidified,” said Govini founder and CEO Eric Gillespie.

The scorecard reports on 277 vendors working for 24 agencies and is available as a table-tent hard copy. It offers a unique measure of contractor performance and agency spending using the company’s proprietary metrics. “This is a big data approach to reveal market insights,” Gillespie said. “While budget data shows where the government claims it will spend, the scorecard shows what was actually spent and indicates future spending trends.”

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