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Market Research


Market Research

Effective Market Research is critical to businesses entering and growing in the government market. There are a number of sources from which businesses can gather information related to federal awards to learn what is being purchased, who is purchasing, and how purchases are being made.

Contract Data Reports – formerly Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS)

Government agencies are responsible for collecting and reporting data on federal procurements through Contract Data Reports. This new site which is part of SAM.gov has replaced the long standing Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) legacy site for the reporting features of FPDS.

For additional information, please contact Marc Violante at marcv@wispro.org or 920-456-9990.


Award history on federal procurements and grants are available on a government website called USASPENDING.gov.  The website’s information populates from the same source as the Contract Data Reports, but provides a more friendly user interface.

Contract Opportunities – formerly FBO

Contract awards may be posted under Contract Opportunities on the SAM.gov website.

Acquisition Forecasts

Agency procurement forecasts are available on the ACQUISITION.GOV website.

Federal Small Business Offices

Each civilian agency of the Federal government has an Office of Small & Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU) that assists and promotes the use of small businesses in the acquisition process. The Department of Defense uses Offices of Small Business Programs with each department having its own Small Business Office.

Industry Days, Small Business Conferences, Outreach Sessions and Other

Federal agencies and prime contractors will often host or attend Federal opportunity-based events and outreach. Whether virtual or in person, these events often offer insights and information on current and future opportunities.

For additional information on Market Research, please contact our staff of experts at apexaccelerator@wispro.org or 414-270-3600.