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Disaster Contracting


For Companies Interested in Assisting with Recovery Operations Related to Hurricane Ian

Interested in doing business with FEMA

1. If you are interested in providing paid services and goods for disaster relief, visit FEMA’s Doing Business with FEMA page to get started.

2. If you own a business involved with debris removal and want to work on clean-up efforts in affected areas, please contact the local government in affected areas to offer your services.

Companies Interested in Being Eligible for Federal Opportunities Should:

1. Register in https://sam.gov – no cost assistance is available from the Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)

2. As part of the registration, answer “Yes” to the question asking if you want to be added to the Disaster Response Registry and complete the required information.

3. A copy of the Disaster Response Registry can be downloaded from https://sam.gov. Again assistance is available from WPI

4. When asked if the company would like to make its non-sensitive information Publicly available, for maximum visibility by contract holders and other non-federal entities answer “Yes.”

5. At the end of the SAM registration the company will have an option to create/update its Small Business profile. Open this link in a new browser tab to save for later. Continue to complete the SAM registration. After the SAM registration is submitted, return to the open tab and complete the profile update. The Small Business profile can be viewed as a Capabilities Statement. The majority of information is ported over from SAM. However, there are several key data elements that require company input.

6. Note, each new registration requires the submission of a notarized letter which appoints the Entity Administrator to finalize the registration.

Conduct Specific Market Research

1. The federal government establishes response contracts that can be used to streamline response efforts. In many cases these awards can be located in the federal awards database. Being able to identify these contract holders may create subcontracting opportunities. Assistance with data queries is available from WPI.

2. Understand that in some instance that federal regulations such as the Stafford Act may require local businesses to be given preference over other businesses. Also note that given the scale of damage that a local contractor may benefit from subcontractor support and efforts.

Understand Who Owns the Property and Is Responsible for Maintaining and Repairing It

1. The federal government (FEMA) is often the primary resource that is highlighted during major disaster response operations. As a result, the federal government is viewed as the face of all recovery efforts and therefore also seen as in charge of funding all recovery efforts. If the damage is to federal property – federal buildings, on or to a military installation or other federal property such as Post Offices, federal lands or other, the federal government will be responsible for overseeing and funding response and repair efforts.

2. The federal government has many programs that are available to State and Local Governments and other programs that are available to businesses, families, and individuals. The federal government does not assume responsibility for making repairs on behalf of other entities. Identify and connect with either the local government or private property owner.

3. Companies involved in road and bridge repair efforts should monitor the appropriate Department of Transportation websites.

4. Companies involved in providing dredging services and or beach reclamation services should determine whether the response effort is under federal jurisdiction or the local government’s. If the work will be federally funded, interested companies should monitor both the federal government’s https://sam.gov site, the specific US Army Corps of Engineer’s website, federal prime contractors that provide these services. On the other hand, if maintenance of the waterway does not fall under federal jurisdiction then companies should contact the appropriate local entities.

Identify Information Resources and Visit These Periodically

1. Florida Hurricane Ian DR-4673-FLDR-4673-FL disaster https://www.fema.gov/disaster/4673

2. National Referral List see – https://www.fema.gov/assistance/individual/disaster-survivors/national-referral-list

3. Rebuilding Together – https://rebuildingtogether.org/find-your-local-affiliate#states-a

Monitor for Post-Disaster Opportunities

In many cases there are opportunities related to immediate recovery needs and efforts. However, there may also be a variety of opportunities related to strengthening the area’s response capabilities through grants. Companies with the requisite skills and expertise and interested in supporting local government efforts can monitor the federal government’s Grants.gov web portal.

Recognize the Full Spectrum of Opportunities

1. Naturally there will be prime awards. In many cases primes will require subcontractors. Don’t overlook opportunities to be a subcontractor.

2. Major efforts will require a variety of skills and services that range from demolition, transportation, site prep work, engineering through requiring a variety of supplies and ultimately services associated with project completion.

3. If you are interested in pursuing such opportunities, contact WPI to better understand what is required and how to proceed.

Links to Information on Information on other Federal Disaster Assistance Programs

1. US ACE Emergency Operations: https://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/Emergency-Operations/

2. US ACE Contracting in Disasters, dated information https://www.usace.army.mil/Missions/Emergency-Operations/Contracting-in-Disasters/

3. Disaster Response Registry – https://www.acquisition.gov/content/disaster-response-registry

4. USDA Disaster Resource Center – https://www.usda.gov/topics/disaster-resource-center


ASSISTANCE – please contact our general office at 414-270-3600 / apexaccelerator@wispro.org or Marc Violante, Director Federal Market Strategies at 920-456-9990 marcv@wispro.org

October 3, 2022