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Responding to Opportunities


Responding to Opportunities can be time consuming. However, an effective proposal can be the competitive edge a contractor is looking for. A proposal must provide credible evidence that a contractor understands the problem, has a comprehensive solution, has the skills and experience to do the work, and can provide the solution at a competitive price.

Some tips to consider:

  • Customize the proposal, if you are reusing a proposal make sure you change it as necessary.
  • Demonstrate knowledge in the proposal by providing as much insight as possible into the issue, the industry, and the government
  • Answer questions completely
  • Provide details on pricing if requested
  • Review Salient Characteristics – Product features the Government cannot live without
  • If requested provide Descriptive Literature even if offering Brand Name item
  • Note any requirements for specific type/sized font, margin requirements, and maximum number of pages.
  • Mark and label envelopes as instructed to. Generally price and technical proposals are submitted in separate volumes/envelopes.
  • Note address to submit response to. May be different than what is on the first page.
  • Submit timely – late offers are not accepted.
  • Submit required samples as specified in the solicitation.
  • Attend any pre-proposal conference. Sign in last.
  • Can submit alternative proposals
  • Follow any instructions provided
  • Look for amendments on SAM.gov.
  • Never refer back to another page for a response. Rephrase the answer again.
  • Better qualifications increase your chances of winning, not prettier proposals.

For additional information on this topic, please contact our staff of experts at apexaccelerator@wispro.org or 414-270-3600.