Feds Prep for Cybersecurity Buying Spree

The U.S. government’s objectives for improving cybersecurity are taking shape in updated contracting procedures, contracts and projected increases in spending. Several recent developments have underscored the federal commitment to bolstering the protection of IT resources.

On the contracting front, the General Services Administration has asked vendors to respond by Wednesday to a research survey on what it should do to expedite federal acquisition of cybersecurity products and services. The quick-turnaround survey was released earlier this month.

Information from the survey will be used to develop contracting vehicles to help federal agencies “procure both proactive and reactive cybersecurity services, such as penetration testing, incident response and security engineering to include post-incident or post-assessment remediation,” said Shon Lyublanovits, acting director of the Federal Acquisition Service for Strategic Solutions and Security Services. FAS is a unit of GSA.

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