Governmentwide acquisition team seeks industry input on the future of federal mobility

A cross-agency team of federal mobile procurement experts is seeking feedback from industry to determine if the U.S. government can cut down on the thousands of mobility-focused contracts on which it spends $1 billion-plus every year.

The Mobile Service Category Team launched a request for information last week, moving forward with Office of Management and Budget draft guidance from March that looks to save $230 million annually by simplifying the federal mobile marketplace through category management. That draft guidance tasked the MSCT with agreeing upon “at least one next generation government-wide acquisition solution, to be awarded prior to May 31, 2018.”

“This is a governmentwide, collaborative approach to discuss and create and shape mobility in the future in the federal government — not for today, but really with an eye toward a couple years from now — to see where are things going, what do we need to do, what do we need to create, what do we need to ask, what do we need to consider in terms of continuing to enable and account for mobility in the federal government,” Jon Johnson, a member of the MCST and enterprise mobility team manager at GSA, said Monday at an industry day for the RFI.

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