HASC Passes Major DoD Policy Bill for 2017

WASHINGTON — The House Armed Services Committee early Thursday voted to add billions to a list of Defense Department weapons programs and signed off on a $583 billion Pentagon budget that blurs the lines between wartime funding and base-budget requirements.

In a bipartisan 60-2 vote, the committee approved its version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which uses the war account to skirt statutory budget caps — and salvage items cut from the Obama administration’s budget and placed on the services’ “unfunded priorities” lists. That includes 27,000 more active-duty troops and 25,000 reservists; $3 billion for 14 more F/A-18E/F aircraft for the Navy and 11 more F-35 joint strike fighters across the services; and a $2 billion plus-up to the Navy’s shipbuilding budget.

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