Improving Acquisition: An Industry Perspective

Bell Helicopter is honored to have been an industry partner in defense acquisition since 1935. More importantly, we are proud of our legacy as pioneers of transformational equipment that continues to shape the battlefield and meet the ever-changing face of combat. These rapid advancements in technology have introduced precise weapon systems, stealth operations and advanced capabilities, allowing the U.S. armed forces to maintain critical strategic advantages and keep the enemy guessing.

For more than two centuries, the armed forces have continually redefined how wars are won. Unique missions and requirements have driven demand for innovative products year after year, conflict after conflict, as traditional battle tactics have become obsolete. Original equipment manufacturers are prepared to meet the future needs of our customers, filling capability gaps and making their visions a reality.

Today, in an era of constantly emerging threats and evolving technologies, it’s important for industry and the military services to work together to improve the acquisition system so that we can deliver cutting-edge products to the warfighter in a timely manner.

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