Lockheed Martin Could Have More Flexibility to Build Planned Saudi Ships If Proposed LCS Trim Goes Through

A potential bright side for Lockheed Martin — if Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s proposed trim of Littoral Combat Ship and frigates goes through – is its Wisconsin shipyard could have more flexibility to build four planned ships for the Royal Saudi Arabian Navy, a Lockheed official told reports on Monday.

As part of a Dec. 14 memo to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, Carter directed the Navy to excise 12 ships – six of the Lockheed Martin Freedom-class (LCS-1) and six of Austal USA’s Independence-class (LCS-2) – from its future budgets and instead invest the funds into higher-end weapons systems.

If the trim occurs, it could free up space at the Fincantieri Marinette Marine yard Joe North, vice president of Lockheed’s Littoral Ships and Systems told reporters on Monday.

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