Lockheed, U.S. to argue stop-work bid on Army trucks on January 20

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims will hear arguments on Jan. 20 in Lockheed Martin Corp’s motion to halt Oshkosh Corp’s work on 17,000 armored Humvee truck replacements for the U.S. Army while Lockheed challenges the $6.75 billion contract.

Lockheed last month filed a federal complaint over the U.S. Army’s handling of the contract, as well as a motion seeking a preliminary injunction against any work on the trucks by Oshkosh until the matter is settled in court.

Lockheed contends that the Army’s evaluation of the competing proposals was flawed because it assessed the reliability of Lockheed and Oshkosh vehicles using different standards, according to redacted version of the filings now available. Lockheed also says the Army held “misleading” discussions with the company.


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