More budget activity likely for contractors in fourth quarter of fiscal year

More than 100 days stand between the third and fourth quarters of fiscal 2017, but industry partners say keeping up with the transition is going to be crucial for contractors.

Civilian spending in this quarter is slow and unpredictable due to the current continuing resolution that is funding government.  Larry Allen, president of Allen Federal Business Partners, said it is almost futile for agencies and contractors to make plans until the fourth quarter — but they should still stay alert.

“Any time you get that uncertainty, it’s going to affect the acquisition process,” Allen said on the Federal Drive with Tom Temin. “But, the fourth quarter, particularly after this past week in Washington where we had cold and snow, may seem like it’s far away off … but it’s really where you want to keep your sights focused because that’s when a lot of confusion that is going to dominate the next month or so will be cleared up.”

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