Navy Assessment: LCS Fort Worth Needed 90 Percent Less Maintenance than Freedom in First 3 Months of Deployment

The Littoral Combat Ship USS Fort Worth (LCS-3) is six months into its 16-month deployment and requiring an order of magnitude fewer hours of corrective maintenance than its predecessor, USS Freedom (LCS-1).

In Fort Worth’s first 90 days deployed, the ship was underway for 53 days – 11 more days than planned. In contrast, Freedom was underway only 36 days in a similar period, according to an internal Navy assessment of Fort Worth’s early performance obtained by USNI News.

The second ship surpassed its expected underway days when it skipped a restricted maintenance availability and delayed a preventative maintenance availability to participate in the search and rescue efforts for Air Asia Flight 8501 in January.

Fort Worth also had fewer casualty reports than Freedom – 39 total, compared to 44, and zero of the most severe Category 4 (CAT 4) casualty reports.

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