Neglected federal procurement site to get major facelift

Well golly gee and tickle my fancy, the General Services Administration may just get me off of one of my soapboxes after all.

Sorry to report it’s not my seemingly never-ending quest for GSA and all other agencies to make task orders publicly viewable even if you can’t bid on them — Mr. Sharpe: Tear Down This Wall.

Instead, GSA, thankfully, has started the process to modernize the portal, what many say is one of the worst websites in government.

GSA issued a request for quotes through the Alliant Small Business governmentwide acquisition contract back in the December time frame and bids were due sometime in January or February — it’s all unclear because GSA released the RFQ behind the “firewall” of Alliant, meaning (going back to my initial soapbox) the public can’t see any details of the procurement despite this being taxpayer money and transparency being a major goal of the Obama administration.

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