Notice Regarding DLA Contract Payments and DIBBS Payment Terms

Effective November 15, 2019, DLA will transition from a 15-day accelerated payment for small businesses to payment within 30 days for contracts with payment terms of 30 days.

Also on November 15, 2019, for all vendors, DIBBS will no longer accept a quote with the payment terms of Net 10 in accordance with DLAD 32.904 (b)(1)(S-90) (Revised on October 11, 2019 through PROCLTR 19-19). The web quote form will no longer provide this option in the Prompt Payment Discount Terms drop down. Batch/EDI will now return an error for field 25 when using a value of “15” representing Net 10 payment terms so please select a difference valid value. For those that have set the default value on DIBBS to Net 10 it will be reset to Net 30. If you wish to default to one of the other valid values (Net 30, 2%, 10 days, 1/2%, 20 days, 1/2%10days, or 1/4% 20 days), then you must access your profile and change your default to a valid value.

For assistance with this matter please contact Jean Polka at or 920-285-4442.