OMB Rolls Out Plan for Governance Body to Boost Shared Services

The Obama administration’s management agenda entered a new phase on Thursday when a key White House official unveiled plans to create a central governance board to steer agencies toward a greater use of shared services.

David Mader, the acting deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, said six months of interagency steering committee meetings have produced “an incredibly aggressive plan for 2016” to “bring all shared services elements together” in a central strategic body, which would steer tasks to be executed by a unit housed at the General Services Administration.

Shared services is an approach long used in the private sector in which specialized agency units perform human resources, financial management or acquisition tasks under contract with other agencies. Expanding its use to save money has been one of the administration’s cross-agency policy goals; OMB established a Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council in December 2012.

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