Oshkosh Readies To Resume JLTV: GAO Decides In December

Two weeks after the Army awarded the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle contract to Oshkosh, losing bidder Lockheed Martin filed a protest. With the potentially 55,000-vehicle JLTV program on hold until late December, when the Government Accountability Office makes its ruling, Oshkosh is doing everything it legally can to get ready to resume.

The protest “is like hitting the pause button on a DVR,” said John Bryant, senior VP for defense programs at Oshkosh. “Once it’s over, they hit play, and we have to continue the program as if it never stopped.” If GAO rules that Oshkosh gets to keep the contract, the company will have to provide the government certain deliverables, such as data and models, “within days” of the decision, Bryant told me. It needs to be ready.

That’s tricky, because legally the program is frozen. “Oshkosh is currently in a stop-work on the JLTV program,” Bryant emphasized. “The government is not incurring any obligations right now.”

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