Prepare for Upcoming Mass Modification: Mass Mod Release Schedule

To facilitate a smooth rollout, the MAS Consolidation Mass Mod will be released during a two week period. Most Schedule contractors can expect to receive an email about the Mass Modification dated Jan. 31 to Feb. 14. If you belong to an excepted group please see special instructions below. Contractors must accept this Mass Mod by July 31, 2020 – failure to do so will result in offerings no longer being accessible on GSA eTools.

Mass Mod Timeline

Mass Modification Release DateLegacy Schedule Number
Friday, 1/31/2003FAC, 23V, 36, 48, 51V, 58I, 599
Monday, 2/3/2000CORP
Tuesday, 2/4/2000CORP continued
Wednesday, 2/5/2070
Thursday, 2/6/2070 continued
Friday, 2/7/2071,71 IIK, 72, 73,56, 66, 67
Monday, 2/10/20736, 738X, 75, 751
Tuesday, 2/11/2076, 78, 81 I B, 84 

Exceptions to Two Week Timeline

The following group of contracts will not be issued the Phase II Mass Mod until the dependent contract action is completed/resolved:  

  • Contracts with pending “Add SIN” or “Delete SIN” modifications: Contractors with pending add/delete SIN mods will not receive the Mass Mod until the add/delete SIN mod is reconciled (accepted, rejected, or withdrawn). We will issue the Mass Mod to contractors with pending Add/Delete SIN mods immediately AFTER these mods are reconciled.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Please send questions to MAS PMO at