The COVID-19 national emergency has led to an incredible outpouring of support from businesses across the country that want to provide products or services to help in the whole-of-government response to the pandemic. Many government officials are receiving multiple e-mails and phone calls each day from businesses, large and small, who want to help their fellow Americans in this time of crisis. Each of us can help connect those businesses with those tasked to acquire those capabilities. Contracting Officers and other government personnel contacted by interested vendors are encouraged to direct them to the following resources. It is highly recommended that businesses identify their capabilities to both FEMA and the DoD’s COVID-19 Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF).

•FEMA’s COVID-19 “How-to-Help” page has a link specifically for the private sector. This pagelinks interested vendors directly to FEMA’s standing RFQ for PPE and Medical Supplies, and alsohas information for those wishing to offer other products or services:

•The DoD’s COVID-19 JATF has launched a “COVID-19 JATF Industry Portal” where interestedvendors can fill out a short form to provide information on ways they can help support ournation’s current response and continued resiliency. The Industry Portal is best accessed throughthe link on the main COVID-19 JATF web-page:

•Defense Pricing and Contracting’s (DPC) “Contracting with the Department of Defense” providesbusinesses that have not done business with the government in the past with a step-by-stepapproach to get started:

•Services or Defense Agencies that see value in the capability offering from the vendor inquestion for internal purposes, can be sent directly to their JATF representative at theirdiscretion and within service and agency direction. This guidance does not address or supplantany internal service or Defense Agency guidance regarding the collection of information frominterested businesses.

Visit the DPC COVID-19 page to view COVID-related material for the contracting community, including this announcement, at:

The DPC point of contact for this announcement is Lt Col Bryan Lamb, at