SASC, HASC Want More DoD $$ For 2017; Odds Are Long

WASHINGTON: The budget deal setting spending levels for 2016 and 2017 is less than a month old, but pro-defense legislators already want to revisit. A top aide to Sen. John McCain said the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman and his allies will “absolutely” try to revise the 2017 Pentagon topline upward. But our sources — on and off the Hill, from the left and from the right — said they’ll fail.

“In six to eight months, my assumption is we’ll be having this argument once again,” said Christian Brose, staff director of the Senate Armed Services Committee. SASC chairman John McCain, his House counterpart Mac Thornberry, and “other members of the committees will absolutely be [pushing for] moving that topline up,” Brose told a Center for Strategic and International Studies conference yesterday.

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