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Getting Started


Getting Started

Every year, Wisconsin state agencies, institutions, and campuses purchase over $3 billion worth of goods, services and capital equipment. Most of these purchases are made from private businesses and are low dollar orders and many are from small businesses.

State laws require the use of the competitive bid process whenever possible to promote free and open competition while allowing the state to pay the best price for an appropriate product. This is accomplished by awarding the solicitation to the lowest priced responsible bidder or highest scoring proposer.

The State of Wisconsin State Bureau of Procurement Desk Guide provides an introduction to State of Wisconsin procurement policies and procedures.

The State of Wisconsin Department of Administration State Bureau of Procurement Vendor’s Guide provides assistance to companies interested in doing business with the State of Wisconsin.

Procurement Offices

State of Wisconsin has three main procurement areas, that maintain separate bidders’ lists, procurement opportunities, registrations, and contracts.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is responsible for various road construction (design and build), airport construction, and public transit requirements throughout the state. Additional regulations apply when Federal Transportation funds are included in the projects. Learn more on their website.

Department of Administration – Facilities Development is responsible for construction of new buildings and the remodeling, renovation, and maintenance of existing facilities for all state agencies and the University of Wisconsin System. Learn more on their website.

Department of Administration (DOA) is responsible for procurement of goods and services for state agencies, institutions, and the University of Wisconsin System. State laws governing the purchase of commodities and services allow the Department of Administration to purchase centrally or to delegate authority to other state agencies. State agency purchasing offices are located throughout the state. Learn more on their website.

Bidder Registration

Bidders must be registered in order to do business with the State of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) (road construction)

WisDOT bidder registration is required to be listed as a plan holder or to be an eligible bidder for WisDOT road construction procurements. WisDOT engineering firms are required to register with WisDOT and be included on the Roster of Eligible Engineering Consultants. WisDOT airport requirements require one of three prequalification statements to be completed prior to submission of a bid. WisDOT maintains a list of contractors interested in performing emergency work. Learn more and register for WisDOT Emergency Services Contract Directory on their website. WisDOT registration is free.

Department of Administration – Facilities Development (building construction)

Bidder registration is required through WisBuild. Registration is required in order to access construction plans and specifications. It is free to register. Contractors are required to be certified by the Department of Administration prior to submitting bids on a state construction project. Learn more about completing Contractor Certification on their website.

Department of Administration (goods and services)

The Wisconsin eSupplier Portal for Bidders is the registration system for potential bidders (goods/services only) for opportunities in both eSupplier and VendorNet. It is free to register. Access to eSupplier is through the State of Wisconsin’s Web Access Management System (WAMS). Once you have a WAMS ID, you will go through the registration process.  WAMS ID can be obtained through the eSupplier website.

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