Responding to Opportunities


Opportunities via VendorNet:

  • Read the solicitation documents thoroughly and follow all instructions and conditions. Failure to do so could result in the rejection of your submittal.
  • Make sure your solicitation is submitted before the specified due date.
  • Follow up on your submittal, search the archived solicitations to find who won the award.
  • Get to know the purchasing needs of various state agencies. Much of this information can be obtained by reviewing the solicitations and contracts on VendorNet.
  • Maintain a good reputation for service and reliability.
  • Ask questions; depending on the situation, you can contact the individual that has conducted the solicitation or the State Bureau of Procurement.

Opportunities via Department of Administration Division of Facilities Development:

The Division of Facilities Development (DFD) is responsible for staffing the State Building Commission and developing and implementing the biennial State Building Program. The program includes the construction of new buildings and the remodeling, renovation, and maintenance of existing facilities for all state agencies and the University of Wisconsin System. The division provides technical advice, project management, and field oversight of construction projects; and contracts for architecture/engineering services and construction work.

Opportunities via Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT):

WisDOT receives 10-25 applications for most of its advertisements, meaning the competition for prime contract work is very tough.

Consultant contract selections are made using a Qualification-Based Selection process, per the federal Brooks Act. But because there are often 10 or more well-qualified firms applying for projects, even companies providing quality work to WisDOT in the past cannot be awarded every contract in which they express interest.

WisDOT attempts to balance contract awards whenever possible among established firms of all sizes, as well as new firms. The Department is also proactive in working with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises on federally-funded contracts.

Firms looking to break into the Wisconsin market may need to focus on smaller projects at first, or build relationships with firms already working with WisDOT through teaming or subconsultant opportunities.

Any firm looking to work with WisDOT should be well-versed on the Department’s ‘Doing Business’ and consultant extranet sites, which include important contracting tools, policies and manuals.

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