ModTruss Inc.


ModTruss is a US business built on imagination and innovation through continuous improvement. We are the Multi-Tool of modular building components that support 100% custom applications with off-the-shelf products. Think of your erector set as a child but on a grand scale for utilization in industries like Aerospace, Entertainment, Industrial, Construction, and Government entities. We are ever-green in nature because you can re-use all ModTruss products again and again by simply deconstructing and rebuilding utilizing the same components to achieve different results. No on-site cutting, welding, or other fabrication is needed, simply add or remove individual pieces at will. We are 100% American Made.

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How did WPI assist your business?

Steve Makovec and the team at WPI have been instrumental in assisting ModTruss Inc. in our go-to-market strategy regarding federal procurement opportunities. Steve guided us on creating a compelling Capabilities Statement, our profile as well as DSBA. Steve also created bid matching opportunities based on our NAICS codes which has been very fruitful.

What has been the result of your collaboration?

Like I mentioned above, because of the guidance we’ve received from Steve, we have become aware of two distinct opportunities for us to bid on. One is with the USDA/Forest Service (which is a target market for us) to build a very unique system that would deliver the desired solution for the USDA/FS. Another opportunity came through WPI’s bid matching solution that involves a very large modular solution for the US Air Force. I feel that without the collaboration with Steve and WPI; we would have never been aware of these wonderful opportunities.

How would other businesses like yours benefit from working with WPI?

There are many companies out there that are willing to “help” for a fee that simply put, small businesses like ourselves, couldn’t afford. Because of WPI we have been given a chance to compete on a level playing field based on the education and guidance provided. Thank you for that.