Statz Corporation


STATZ Corporation is your Friendly and Knowledgeable “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business”. Our SDVOSB status has been verified by the VA-CVE and we focus on delivering superior supply chain support to the government, military and commercial entities by providing quality, efficient and cost effective solutions to achieve procurement objectives.

We serve as a prime contractor to the federal government and utilize our position as a SDVOSB dealer organization to team with a diverse supplier base of high quality manufacturers and distributors to provide a vast array of manufactured parts, components, assemblies, and finished products.

STATZ Corporation is a small business with a big reach capable of delivering many of your supply chain needs while simultaneously helping you achieve your SDVOSB procurement goals!

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Tell us how you came to work with WPI?

In 2004, I worked with the Dane County Veterans Service Office as my advocate with the VA to determine my Service disability. Upon receiving the Service Connected Disability rating from the VA, my Service Officer advised me about PTAC’s. He advised that SDVOSB’s have an advantage selling to the fed, and that Set-Aside contracts for SDVOSB were now available, reference the Executive Order issued by President Bush in 2004 to establish the set-asides, based on the 1999 legislation that established SDV’s as a socioeconomic category, same as 8(a)’s, HUBZone, Women Owned, etc. And, the law mandated that “not less than 3% of all federal procurements be from SDVOSBs”. The Service Officer connected me with the Madison PTAC, then called BPAC (Business Procurement Assistance Center).

Over the next several years, the BPAC was instrumental in getting STATZ Corp into federal contracting. They provided assistance in registering in SAM(cage), DUNS, SBA, JCP, DIBBS, and etc. In addition to the one on one counseling, I attended all the training seminars put on by BPAC/PTACs. There I learned all the details about WAWF, FAR’s, Solicitations, Awards, Contract management, packaging, DCMA, FAT and FIT requirements, Origin or Destination Inspection and Acceptance, and the list goes on….

I also attended the conferences put on by the PTAC’s, the first being BPAC’s “FedShare 2004”, held at Monona Terrace in Madison. This conference was great, learned a number of great starting blocks. I was now on the fast track. The next conference was one in Detroit in early 2005, put on by the Detroit PTAC and DLA. At this conference I learned all about contracting with DLA and the feds in general.

A major milestone in getting into federal contracting was a networking connection I made during lunch at this Detroit PTAC conference. This exchange of business cards was how I got connected with my Marketing and Sales Agency in Philadelphia. They were an established company, who had an established supplier base of small business manufacturers. They were looking for a SDVOSB to team with for all the new set-aside opportunities. Teamed with this marketing and sales rep firm, and the basic training by BPAC, I was now ready to launch. First contract awarded in early 2005. The rest is history. For 2019, will be completing over 1,400 contracts.

Although BPAC was my local PTAC for my start-up efforts, WPI would have provided all the same support. When the Madison PTAC/BPAC was disbanded, we were picked up by WPI as our new PTAC.

How did WPI assist your business?

When WPI became our PTAC, we were in the rapid growth mode. This meant needing to keep pace with increasing requirements, and the ever changing federal procurement landscape. WPI is always “on call” as our first “go to” for any question or issue that arise. The ongoing training provided by WPI via webinars and seminars is instrumental in our success. We attend all the WPI sponsored events like Volk Field, etc. The training and connections and networking at these events is a key to our continuing success. Thank you WPI.

What has been the result of this collaboration?

STATZ Corporation has grown to be the 2nd largest SDVOSB, and the 7th largest defense supplier, in Wisconsin (please verify with WPI info, update as appropriate, etc), and in the top 500 defense suppliers worldwide.

How would other businesses like yours benefit from working with WPI?

Almost as a requirement, any small business wanting to get into federal and state contracting needs to team with WPI. Why go it alone, learn the hard way, when WPI can train and guide on everything to get a small business launched, and help grow it.