VA SDVOSB Rule of Two: Court Provides Important Guidance for Protesters

A protester contending that the VA violated the “rule of two” by failing to set-aside a solicitation for SDVOSBs must present sufficient facts to indicate that the VA should have had a reasonable expectation of receiving two or more offers from SDVOSBs at fair and reasonable prices.

In a recent decision, the Court of Federal Claims dismissed a rule of two challenge because, according to the Court, the protester only identified one SDVOSB–itself–that was likely to submit an offer at a fair and reasonable price.

The Court’s decision in Veterans Contracting Group, Inc. v. United States, No. 18-92C (2018) involved a VA solicitation for a roof replacement at the VA Medical Center in Northport, New York.  The VA originally issued the solicitation as an SDVOSB set-aside.  The VA received four proposals, but only two were deemed “responsive,” that is, considered to meet the terms and conditions of the solicitation.

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