Volk Field to host Northern Lightning exercise

6/8/2015 – CAMP DOUGLAS, Wis. — Volk Field Combat Readiness Training Center is scheduled to host aircraft and personnel from multiple Air National Guard and active duty units as part of the annual Northern Lightning combat training exercise June 8-19.

The two-week long event will provide participating Airmen with valuable training in large force aircraft employment against a near peer adversary, incorporating the first use of contract aggressor aircraft in a National Guard Bureau exercise.

According to Lt. Col. Christopher Hansen, CRTC director of operations, Volk Field is uniquely suited to support training exercises such as Northern Lightning.

“Our airspace supports being able to fly interdiction missions against robust surface and air to air threats, get to a bombing range where they can employ ordnance, then be faced with a requirement to fight their way home,” Hansen said. “The units will all gain combat training to a level commensurate with a Red Flag exercise, at a very significant cost savings.”

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