Voting in Five Battleground States Could Reshape Federal Contracting

With the Nov. 8 election just a week away, a new report by big data and analytics firm Govini shows how the outcome of highly-contested races in five key battleground states may affect federal spending in those states.

“An often overlooked but significant outcome of the presidential campaigning is the impact it has on down-ballot races for the House of Representatives. In the 114th Congress, Republicans had a 59-seat advantage over Democrats, but this could change as more races featuring Republicans as incumbents are being forecasted as ‘toss-up’ than races featuring Democrats as incumbents,” according to Govini, based in Arlington, Va.

The battleground states most in play are:

  • Virginia, with a large military presence and the overall leading state by share of contract obligations;
  • Colorado, with its strong and growing aerospace sector, thanks to Air Force and NASA spending;
  • Florida, which also has a robust aerospace sector, along with significant Navy and Army spending;
  • Pennsylvania, which receives significant support from pharmaceutical, healthcare and alternative energy companies selling to the federal government; and
  • Ohio, which benefits substantially from spending by the Air Force and the Defense Logistics Agency on health care, manufacturing and aerospace.

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