Wisconsin addresses response to cyber-attack on power grid

How would utilities and state agencies respond to a massive blackout or grid failure to hit Wisconsin? That question was discussed at a national energy infrastructure security summit held July 20-22, 2015 in Washington, D.C.

As part of the Electric Infrastructure Security (EIS) Summit VI held at the U.S. Capitol, some of Wisconsin’s top utility, emergency management and homeland security officials were invited to discuss Wisconsin’s plans to such events. Maj. Gen. Don Dunbar, Wisconsin adjutant general and Wisconsin’s Homeland Security Advisor, chaired the panel on opportunities and challenges facing Wisconsin. Joining him were Wisconsin Emergency Management Administrator Brian Satula; Mike Huebsch, commissioner with the Wisconsin Public Service Commission; and David Wojtczak with American Transmission Company (ATC).

Dunbar discussed the risks associated with cyber-attacks for the nation and the electrical power grid. In Wisconsin, the state coordinates with the private sector to develop a cyber annex to the Wisconsin Emergency Response Plan.

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