WPI Celebrates 30 Years of Service to Wisconsin Businesses

The State of Wisconsin’s federally-designated Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), better known as the Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI), recently celebrated 30 years of service to the Wisconsin economy and business community at a luncheon hosted by TAPCO, Inc.

WPI has been a leader in assisting Wisconsin businesses to bring more Federal dollars to the State of Wisconsin. WPI opened its doors in 1987 as the Aspin Procurement Institute under the leadership of then Congressman Les Aspin. The initial mission focused on helping Wisconsin’s businesses obtain defense contracts. WPI has grown over the years to supporting businesses seeking local, state and federal contracts. 30 years ago, most of the Federal contracts to the State were for manufacturing from the Department of Defense.  Today those dollars are broadly diversified to include engineering and environmental services, medical services and equipment, loan services, technology and construction.

Each year WPI serves over 1,200 business and organizations throughout the State and provides training at over 80 events and conferences. Building on its years of success and growth, WPI announced additions to its Board at the 30th anniversary luncheon.

WPI is pleased to announce Todd Bentley, President of Bentley World Packaging, and James Kerlin, President and CEO of Beyond Vision, as its newest Board members.  In addition, Andrew Bergholz, VP of Sales and Marketing of TAPCO, accepted the position of Vice Chairperson for WPI.

“WPI continues to grow and serve Wisconsin businesses. Over 30 years numerous business leaders have lent their time and expertise to WPI’s mission.  We are grateful Mr. Bentley and Mr. Kerlin have joined WPI’s Board and welcome their contributions,” said Bill Hughes, WPI Board Chairman.

WPI also announced 2 new additions to its Advisory Board – Craig Anderson, Executive Director, American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin AICCW / First American Capital Corporation (FACC), and Daryl Zahn, Manager, Contracts and Compliance, DRS Power & Control Technologies, Inc.

“WPI is a critical resource for Wisconsin businesses.  We look forward to continuing our work in support of bringing more Federal dollars back to Wisconsin,” added Aina Vilumsons, CEO, WPI.