We are lost in the woods on acquisition reform

The Biden administration’s flat top-line defense budget proposal of $715 billion riled up the annual debate on how much is enough to defend the country these days. But how much is not the important question. Rather, it is how those dollars are spent that matters most, a point recently emphasized by Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., the House Armed Services Committee chairman. Click here to read more.

Novation Agreements Under Federal Contracts

A unique aspect of doing business with the federal government is the built-in limits on a contractor’s right to assign the contract or the right to payment under the contract to third parties. The Anti-Assignment Act (41 U.S.C. § 6305) prohibits the transfer of a government contract or interest in a government contract to a third party. An assignment of a contract in violation of this law voids the contract except for the Government’s right to pursue a breach of contract remedies.

IAE Stakeholder Forum – May 5 Noon-2pm

This program will provide a detailed presentation of what is (and what is not) changing when integrates with on May 24, 2021. If you are a non-federal entity administrator, use data entry tools on, or are a system account user of, this event is for you.

Participants will learn about how they can access the data and tools they use today in legacy in the modernized Registration is open at this link.

GovCon Expert Chuck Brooks: Top Cybersecurity Trends Impacting GovCon Industry – GovCon Wire

For this article, GovCon Expert Brooks has summarized the most significant trends in cyber that are impacting the federal landscape and government this year. Some of the trends he mentions include cybersecurity innovation, training, the impact of emerging technologies, the cyber-threat landscape, the defense of our nation’s critical infrastructure, supply chains and other aspects. Read More