Work With WPI

The Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI) – WI APEX ACCELERATOR, provides a broad range of technical assistance to Wisconsin businesses considering, entering or developing their government market capabilities and sales.  Technical assistance is provided through one on one counseling, small group training, webinars and events.  As a WPI client, you will have access to TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE and TRAINING, the CLIENT DASHBOARD and BID MATCHING – at no cost. For a list of WPI’s other services, please visit our “Services Provided” page.Businesses best positioned to successfully expand into the government market are established (been in business for at least one year) and have prior commercial sales. In addition, WPI provides technical assistance to individuals and companies pursuing contracts, grants or other agreements for innovation, prototyping or technology.

As a client of WPI, we ask that you meet with your counselor on an annual basis to review your bid matching, upcoming opportunities and any contract or regulatory changes that could impact your government work.  In addition, we ask clients to respond to periodic surveys and to report any federal, state, or local government prime or subcontract awards received.

To register as a client of the Wisconsin Procurement Institute, we ask you to complete the CLIENT CONSENT at We look forward to working with you.

Technical assistance provided by WPI does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. All information, content, and materials available through and WPI staff are for informational purposes only.