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Acquisition Hour: Federal Contracting: Contract Methods and Types of Contracts

January 1, 1970  
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In Federal Government contracting, there are various contract methods and numerous types of federal contracts. It is important for the contractor to understand both when submitting a bid / proposal to the Federal Government. The contract method impacts what offerors should submit and how the government selects the awardee. The type of contract can affect how much a contractor is paid, risk allocation on cost overruns, and the contractual obligations of the contractor and the government.

This webinar will cover:

· Sealed Bidding
· Competitive Negotiations
· Simplified Acquisitions
· Fixed Price Contracts
· Cost-Reimbursement Contracts
· Indefinite-Delivery Contracts
· Time and Materials/Labor Hour Contracts, Letter Contracts, and Basic Ordering Agreements

Speaker: Carol Murphy, Government Contract Specialist, Wisconsin Procurement Institute
This webinar is eligible for 1 CPE credit.

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