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Acquisition Hour: The Lifecycle of Federal Disaster Response and Support

July 24, 2018  
Start Date July 24, 2018
End Date July 24, 2018
Time 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Facility Webinar
Contact Info Benjamin Blanc
(414) 270-3600
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Federal direct support to disasters is probably the most well-known and recognizable facet of federal response and support to major events such as hurricanes, floods or tornadoes. This involvement is also a key signal for federal procurement opportunities. Federal agencies and response units require support from the private sector which is obtained through the procurement process.

With respect to business development, what is important to realize is that there can be opportunities before any hurricane force winds blow or any flood waters rise and also well after the first images of the destruction have been broadcast on the evening news. Additionally, there may be opportunities prior to any event and even if there are no disasters.

Federal government activities take place throughout the four phases of disaster management – mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery which is an ongoing and evolving process. As a result, there can be procurement actions that support these various phases.

This webinar will:

  • Explore the full range of procurement opportunities
  • Identify the contracting offices which play a major role in disaster response
  • Provide guidance in understanding how your top customers purchase
  • Determine which acquisition vehicles are being used- A GSA Schedule or other type of Indefinite Deliver Contract or other Long Term Contract
  • Help ensure that you (your company) is administratively ready to support disaster relief operations and is prepared to respond!
  • Explore how to research your market and identify the terms and phrases that will immediately be recognized by those who are seeking resources
  • Discuss how to reach out to and market to FEMA’s Local Business Transition Teams (LBTT)

Speaker: Marc Violante, Wisconsin Procurement Institute (WPI)

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