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Acquisition Hour – Commercial Item Determination, Pricing and TINA

December 16, 2015  WEBINAR
Start Date December 16, 2015
End Date December 16, 2015
Time 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Facility Webinar
Contact Info Benjamin Blanc
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Join the Wisconsin Procurement Institute and guest speakers for the WPI ACQUISITION HOUR – a series of lunchtime FREE LIVE WEBINARS on a variety of Federal government contracting topics!  You will need to register to have access and be able to interact with the guest speaker– the web link will be sent to you after registering for the WEBINAR.  The schedule will be updated as speakers commit to participate.  If you have any topics that are of interest to you – please send them to benjaminb@wispro.org.

Department of Defense (DOD) issued a long-awaited proposed rule that could have a significant impact on how the DOD and prime contractors procure commercial items.  80 Fed. Reg. 45918 (Aug. 3, 2015) (amending 48 CFR Parts 202, 212, 215, and 252) (the “Proposed Rule”).  This rule is proposing significant changes to what qualifies as a commercial item under DOD-funded contracts.

This webinar will focus on how does the Government determine if an item is a commercial item and why this determination is so very important to a DOD Contractor?   During this webinar we will also review FAR clauses that impact this determination as well as Commercial Item Pricing Support and TINA (changing to “Truthful Cost or Pricing Data”.)

This event will qualify for one Continuing Professional Education Credit.


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