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Defenese Logistics Agency Training, Knowledge, and Opportunities Seminar

November 7, 2017  Columbus, OH
Start Date November 7, 2017
End Date November 8, 2017
Facility DLA Land and Maritime Building 20, Room B117S
Address 401 N. Yearling Road
Columbus, Ohio 43213
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Registration is currently not available for any of these seminars at this time.

These seminars are held in Columbus, OH quarterly so be sure to register for the next session once it becomes available.

The TKO Seminar is a session on teaching vendors how to start doing business with the Defense Logistics Agency. Vendors will be informed on how to find open solicitations, how to submit a quote through the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS), the procedures for viewing/downloading drawings, and how to use Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) to get paid. There will also be topics of discussion on Alternate Offers, Source Approval Requests, Breakout Program, and the Parts Purchase or Borrow Program. All sessions are held at DLA Land and Maritime, located in Columbus, Ohio free of charge. The only cost you may incur is lodging, food and transportation.

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